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by tobaccofreeweld
December 31, 2008, 3:22 pm
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An article in the NY Times discussed past and future presidents who smoke, including President-Elect Obama. Obama has been struggling with quitting like most people who decide to end the addiction. For more, see the article at:

Here is an excerpt:

Mr. Obama’s heaviest smoking was seven or eight cigarettes a day, but three was more typical, according to an interview published in the November issue of Men’s Health magazine. In a letter given to reporters before the election, Mr. Obama’s doctor described his smoking history as “intermittent,” and said he had quit several times and was using Nicorette gum, a form of nicotine replacement, “with success.” Mr. Obama was often seen chewing gum during the campaign.

His pattern matches that of millions of other people who have resolved but stumbled in their efforts to give up cigarettes. Today, 21 percent of Americans smoke, down from 28 percent in 1988. Off-again-on-again smoking and serial quitting are common, as is the long-term use of nicotine gum and patches.


New Snus Products Not Safe by tobaccofreeweld
December 2, 2008, 9:37 pm
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Snus has been around northern Europe for some time now and most of the well-known brands of chew use names like Copenhagen, Skoal, and even Kodiak etc as homage to the birth-place of modern chew. In Europe, snus is much different than the new flavors that are showing up all over the place in the US with the same name. While promoted as a safer substitute for smoking, Studies have shown an extremely high level of nicotine and it is not absent of carcinogens which means it is both addictive and cancer-causing.