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Cigarette is Dead Campaign in Weld County by tobaccofreeweld

This week, students and youth across Weld County will be returning from spring break to a brand new campaign called The Cigarette is Dead. The Campaign is a state-wide effort to reach young people with the message that the cigarette is dead in all ways -politically, socially, and environmentally. The Cigarette is Dead Campaign in Greeley uses such media as billboards and bus benches, the cooperation of over 30 businesses to place posters and other gear, collaborations of schools like Aims and UNC and coalition member support. We hope to drive tobacco users to the QuitLine (1-800-QUIT-NOW) and everyone to the official website: . Here is a little slice of what we have been doing and pictures of the campaign in action:

Bulletin Board

Banner from UNC’s University Center

billboard off 59th
Billboard off 59th Ave and 10th Street in Greeley

Bathroom at Noodles

UNC common area at the UC

Cigarette is Dead Can


Cigarettes to jump to over $5/pack in Colorado by tobaccofreeweld
March 9, 2009, 10:05 pm
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Cigarette companies to increase prices by about $0.75/pack (between 71 cents and 81 cents plus retailer costs) in addition to and at about the same time as CHP tax of $0.61/pack goes into effect bringing most cigarettes over $5/pack.

The Cigarette really is becoming DEAD.

This is surprising and good news. In our program, we have already talked with a man who said that the new $5 packs of cigarettes have helped him make up his mind to quit for good. Another person at the gas station said she wanted to quit and wanted the QuitLine number. Joe Seller’s quit class already has four people signed up, largely because of these increases.


High price -due to taxes and otherwise- is the biggest factor that deters children from starting tobacco in the first place. Due to the state of the economy, we may see even more adults say enough is enough when it comes to tobacco as well. The only problem may be that cigarette smokers may look to spit tobacco as an alternative. We need to help steer them toward the FDA approved NRT products like the patches and gum instead.


 Following yesterday’s announcement by Altria (see article link below), Reynolds and Lorillard announced nearly identical cigarette prices hikes. Unless Altria, Reynolds or Lorillard also announce cigarette price discounts (to offset these price hikes), the nationwide average retail price of Marlboro, Camel and Newport (the most advertised and best selling brands) will exceed $5/pack next week.

Altria’s new huge price differential between its cigarettes and smokeless products may encourage many cigarette smokers to try spit tobacco.

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Marlboro price raised, some smokeless prices cut

By Jessica Wohl


Thu Mar 5, 2009 7:29pm

* Prices to rise 71-81 cts per cigarette pack

* Prices of high end smokeless tobacco to be cut

* Attributes price hikes to federal excise tax