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Cigarettes to jump to over $5/pack in Colorado by tobaccofreeweld
March 9, 2009, 10:05 pm
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Cigarette companies to increase prices by about $0.75/pack (between 71 cents and 81 cents plus retailer costs) in addition to and at about the same time as CHP tax of $0.61/pack goes into effect bringing most cigarettes over $5/pack.

The Cigarette really is becoming DEAD.

This is surprising and good news. In our program, we have already talked with a man who said that the new $5 packs of cigarettes have helped him make up his mind to quit for good. Another person at the gas station said she wanted to quit and wanted the QuitLine number. Joe Seller’s quit class already has four people signed up, largely because of these increases.


High price -due to taxes and otherwise- is the biggest factor that deters children from starting tobacco in the first place. Due to the state of the economy, we may see even more adults say enough is enough when it comes to tobacco as well. The only problem may be that cigarette smokers may look to spit tobacco as an alternative. We need to help steer them toward the FDA approved NRT products like the patches and gum instead.


 Following yesterday’s announcement by Altria (see article link below), Reynolds and Lorillard announced nearly identical cigarette prices hikes. Unless Altria, Reynolds or Lorillard also announce cigarette price discounts (to offset these price hikes), the nationwide average retail price of Marlboro, Camel and Newport (the most advertised and best selling brands) will exceed $5/pack next week.

Altria’s new huge price differential between its cigarettes and smokeless products may encourage many cigarette smokers to try spit tobacco.

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Marlboro price raised, some smokeless prices cut

By Jessica Wohl


Thu Mar 5, 2009 7:29pm

* Prices to rise 71-81 cts per cigarette pack

* Prices of high end smokeless tobacco to be cut

* Attributes price hikes to federal excise tax


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Great job! In this horrible economy you are destroying the lives of Farmers who depend on Tobacco crops to live. People have a free will to smoke or not smoke. I am 40 years old and have never smoked but I constantly see the constitutional rights of smokers, trampled every day in the land of the “free”.

Comment by David

There are a couple of things about your comment that strike me. 1) There are no tobacco farmers in Colorado 2) the farmers in other areas are now growing other crops that don’t happen to kill people now that they aren’t receiving subsidies from the government (some are even growing organic food since it is so profitable!). And besides, tobacco is still being grown. Just because it is a big business doesn’t mean that it is good to subsidize. Also, does that mean that you think more people should smoke because the more they spend, the more that’s in the economy?

Your secondary point about “constitutional rights to smoke” is completely invalid. Nowhere in the constitution does it say you have a right to smoke. This has been upheld in court
as well.

However, your point that people should be able to have the choice is true. As a non-smoker you probably don’t understand how truly addicted most smokers/tobacco users are and that about 85% of them wish they DIDN’T smoke! So much for choice when an industry has done all it could to hook them. Addiction is the antithesis of choice.

A note on this article: As price increases, consumption decreases as people try for sometimes the 8th, 9th, time to quit. High price also keeps kids from starting in the first place. 90% of tobacco users started before age 18. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think children really know how to make choices that will shorten and worsen their lives for many years to come. The average age of this “choice”? About 13!

Comment by tobaccofreeweld

hey i dont know ur getting ur figures but i think ur making the statistics say what u want them to. u cant just patronise people and say noone wants to smoke. in this life u make ur own decisions, and have to deal with the consequences. wheres all this going to end? u gonna give prohibition another go? ban fast food? they’r bad for u. in fact the top 2 causes of death in the uk are from alcohol abuse and poor diet. why not go after them first? just leave us alone and deal with the fact that in a free country people will choose to do things u dont agree with

Comment by sam

Here are some of the
data. This is for the US. In Colorado, even more people want to quit. Just because you don’t want to believe the statistics doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

Fact is, tobacco-related disease still accounts for more preventable death, disability and disease than all other causes. Diet-related and alcohol-related are certainly high on there and a lot can and should be done to help lower the numbers. In fact, in response to the obesity epidemic, many people are looking to the successes in tobacco control.

It is not about prohibition, but rather, regulating a product that has absolutely no positives in it. At least food and alcohol can be taken in moderation. That is not the case with tobacco. By definition, if you are using tobacco, it is abuse. What’s more, it’s a product that has been manipulated by the industry to make people even more hooked than they would be otherwise. Or else, why wouldn’t people grow it in their backyards (it’s free, legal, not taxed…)? There will always be a few people who will continue to use tobacco, but we are trying to help those that don’t want to and prevent kids from starting in the first place. This scourge on society has only been around for about a century…it is not a necessary component. We have dropped the number of smokers in half, and therefore the associated diseases and early deaths, in just 40 years or so and we hope it only gets better.

I wish you well and hope that you are not one of the many who succumb to tobacco-related diseases such as stroke, heart disease, cancer of all sorts, embolism, asthma, chronic pnemonia and others. I especially hope you aren’t harming those around you with secondhand smoke.
Take care.

Comment by tobaccofreeweld

You anti smoking types don’t get it.

Keep raising the price of smoking.. lol us smokers are not going to quit because its expensive.. heh because its FALSELY expensive. Tobacco isnt rare, its not valuable.. you idiots set the price high. Its easy to sneak untaxed tobacco around, people sell them in NYC all the time.

All you are doing is letting cigarette smugglers get rich (and yes, I would buy from them) and eventually creating criminals.

I don’t care if they go to 1000 bucks a pack. I BUY them and will smoke them until I WANT TO QUIT, not when you control freaks TELL me to quit.

Comment by Inga

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