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American Cigarettes are Worse for you by tobaccofreeweld

A new study has found that there are more cancer-causing agents in the blend of tobacco and chemicals of American cigarettes than in other countries. 

The study found that: 

The popular U.S. cigarette brands studied contained “American blend” tobacco, known to contain higher TSNA levels than the “bright” tobacco used in the most popular Australian, Canadian, and British brands.

Australian and Canadian smokers got more nicotine than U.S. and British smokers, but not of TSNAs.


Tobacco Free Kids Issues 2008 New Products Report by tobaccofreeweld


The Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids 2008 New Products Report is now available.  Its three chapters discuss the Critical Role of Product Design;   The New Products: Recruiting New Youth Users, Creating and Sustaining Addiction, and Discouraging Quitting; and Creating and Sustaining Addiction. Jam-packed with pictures and information, it is a must read for anyone interested in tobacco control, reform and regulation.